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Problems injecting ink
Sometimes, when you are refilling a foam filled cartridge you may experience difficulty in injecting the ink. This is because the needle may be pushed hard into the foam, and the foam blocks the end of the needle. If you move the needle around a little or pull it back slightly, the blockage can be cleared, and it is much easier to inject the ink. Do not try to force the ink out of the syringe as the pressure might cause the needle to detach from the end of the syringe resulting in an uncontrolled release of ink.
Contamination of colours
(a) With some cartridges, the points at which you inject the ink are very close to each other. Be careful when injecting the ink that it doesn't come out of the hole at the end of refilling, and contaminate an adjacent hole, if this happens try to soak up as much of the ink as possible with some absorbent material.

In between filling with different colours, dry the top of the cartridge with absorbent material. Be especially careful with small ink cartridges, as the ink comes out of the top soon after starting to refill.

(b) If you overfill a cartridge that has a colour printhead, the ink may drip from the printhead and contaminate the adjacent colour printhead. If this happens your first prints from the refilled cartridge may have odd colours, print some colour onto scrap paper to get back to the correct colours.

(c) When using a drill to enlarge or create a fill hole, clean the drill between each change of colour.
Avoid injecting air into the foam
When you draw ink into the syringe, there will always be a small amount of air in the syringe above the ink. Avoid injecting this into the foam of your cartridge, by drawing more ink into the syringe than you need, and making sure that you don't empty the syringe into your cartridge. When you have finished refilling your cartridge, any surplus ink can be injected back into the bottle. If you inject air into the foam it could cause temporary problems with missing lines in the print.
Avoid damaging the filter in the cartridge
Avoid sticking the needle too far into an Epson cartridge as there is a filter at the bottom of the cartridge that could be damaged by the needle. As a guide, avoid inserting the needle more than 25mm into the cartridge.
Avoid contaminating the electrical contacts on your ink cartridge
If your cartridge has electrical contacts for the printhead, or an ink level memory device, it is important to avoid contaminating the contacts with ink or sweat from your fingers. Avoid touching these contacts.

If you get any ink on these contacts, wipe it off immediately with absorbent paper, wipe the contacts anyway, before installing the cartridge in the printer, or if you have problems with the printer recognising the cartridge.
My cartridge is still showing empty, even after I refilled it
Some Epson cartridges have a memory device which stores the ink level. You will need to purchase an Ink Level Resetter, to reset this ink level to full again, before you can use the cartridge.

Some HP cartridges may show as empty on the printer driver even after you have refilled them, however you should still be able to print normally after pressing a button to continue.
Why is it best to rest the cartridge in the printer before use?
Allowing the cartridge to rest enables the ink to migrate through the cartridge and into the printhead. It will also enable the ink to push clear any trapped pockets of air within the printhead.
Using the Cartridge Flush - as a printhead cleaner
The cartridge flush is designed primarily to clean dried ink from the printhead.

Printer cartridges from manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Canon and Olivetti have the printhead on the cartridge.
This can be identified by an electrical circuit on one end of the cartridge.

The Cartridge Flush can be used to clean these printheads. Simply pour some Flush onto a lint free cloth and gently wipe away the dried ink from the printhead.

One of the best methods to clean a printhead that has been left to dry up for a while is to soak the printhead in a small amount of flush.

Simply pour a small amount of flush into a shallow receptacle and set the cartridge printhead in the liquid. Leave the printhead to soak for 2-3 hours. The flush will eventually begin to break down the dried clogged ink allowing the printhead to be wiped clean and used again.

It is important to ensure that the printhead is handled extremely carefully.


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